Career Conversation

Engaging in your ‘My Career Conversation’.

Your annual appraisal – called ‘My Career Conversation’ is a crucial part of the whole career progression process and is something you will need to embrace if you’re keen to develop.

This is your opportunity for you and your manager to review your performance against the previous year’s objectives, identify and discuss your successes and achievements, and set new objectives. And through this review, you will identify any support, training or development you would benefit from in order to deliver your work objectives and achieve your professional goals.

The appraisal process is really important, as it now interacts with the performance and talent management framework for the whole organisation and with its direct link to the Trust’s talent pools it can help to determine your career progression within the Trust.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility, and that of your manager to keep a copy of your Career Conversation as this document should be referred to throughout the year to ensure you are working to targets/objectives set. Copies of your Career Conversations are not kept centrally by either the People Analytics & Development Team or HR Services.

Aspire Development Framework

View the Aspire framework which is underpinned by the appraisal process.


You will find the Career Conversation booklet for your role here.

There is also now a new A&E Career Conversation page. Click here to visit the dedicated page now.

Please ensure that you are completing the correct Career Conversation booklet for your job role.