Understanding the Outcome from your Career Conversation



Your manager believes you have the attitude, aptitude, motivation and dedication to be working consistently above and beyond your job role, and that you have demonstrated this throughout your work and Career Conversation. This is a fantastic achievement and you should feel very proud.

Your manager has identified you as Exceeding in the majority of your objectives and Knowledge and Skills in your Career Conversation – but what does this mean for you?

Your manager is likely to recommned you are entered into the Talent Pool, however this is a discussion you should be having during your Career Conversation.  If you agree with the recommendation your line manager will submit a rationale to your HOP/D for sign off.  If this occurs you will then be added to the Talent Pool.



If your manager concludes that you are meeting your previous objectives and demonstrating the knowledge, skills, values and behaviours as part of your role, you should be very proud of this achievement. Your career conversation has concluded that you are working to the high standard that is expected of all Trust staff.

Do not be disheartened that you have not achieved an ‘Exceeding’ rating as only a small number of people will achieve this as to do so requires an individual to consistently achieve over and above what is required in their role. This is a difficult thing to achieve, especially when most individuals take a good few years to become really accomplished in all aspects of their role.

Be proud of your excellent performance. When you’re ready to, you can always discuss with your manager which areas you should focus on developing to enable you to begin working towards exceeding within your role.

If you feel you are already working above and beyond your role but it has not been recognised by your manager, you will have the opportunity to apply for entry into the Talent Pool through the self-nomination process.

There will be two opportunities a year for open applications, these application times will be advertised via this site and the Bulletin.

Not Meeting?

On occasion your manager may suggest that you are not meeting an objective or you have not demonstrated sufficient evidence that you meet the required knowledge and skills for your role. In addition, your manager may feel that due to not achieving your objectives, knowledge and skills that are applicable to your role, you are not therefore able to demonstrate the Values and Behaviours we expect of all staff.

This will be provided as feedback throughout your conversation with your manager.

If this does happen when having your Career Conversation, try to remain open to the feedback you are receiving from your manager, as it will help you to engage in discussion around specific examples so that you can understand why your manager has arrived at this outcome.

By being open to this feedback you can begin to address any area of concern and demonstrate your commitment to doing so. Following your career conversation you will need to engage and work with your manager to ensure you have a development action plan put into place. This process will be supported by the local HR business partner who will help you and your manager to develop an action plan that is achievable and which ensures you know what objectives have been set, what you need to achieve and by when.

Your manager will support you through this period and once the development plan has come to an end, you will be able to revisit your Career Conversation to talk about what you have achieved.

Your manager will be able to set you new objectives for the coming year and your Career Conversation will be updated to reflect what areas you are now meeting.