Thinking of Further Study

Career development is not always dependent on undertaking further study and obtaining qualifications, and the Aspire portal seeks to encourage staff to embrace all methods of development. However, there may be the time in your career where studying for a formal qualification is the right next step for you and these pages are designed to help you on that journey.

Undertaking any qualification is a big commitment, and more so when you are planning on doing so whilst maintaining full employment. Finding the right education provider and embarking on a course which is designed and delivered in a way which is suitable for you, is of paramount importance. Combine this with some good preparation and research, and you’ll be best placed to approach your educational programme from the outset with everything you need for success.

You may be aware that the Trust is now part of the Apprenticeship Levy Scheme, which was introduced back in April 2017. This means that the Trust must now corporately pay into the Apprenticeship Levy and in return is able to access funding to pay for apprenticeship services, training and end point assessments for members of staff.

The word ‘Apprenticeship’ is historically associated with a ‘school-leaver’ or similarly someone who is looking to move into employment; to earn, learn and gain experience whilst working towards a qualification. Now we see a change, in that a wide range of courses, at education levels ranging from GCSE level to degree level, have been developed so that everyone can access and benefit from further learning. Click here to visit the Apprenticeship Levy page for more information.

Navigate these pages for further information and be sure to discuss your educational aspirations with your line manager as part of your Career Conversation.