Apprenticeship Funding Available

The Trust is now able to access significant amounts of funding via the Apprenticeship Levy in order to offer apprenticeship study opportunities to our Support Services staff who are interested in learning and gaining a qualification which could help you develop within your role.

The courses available to you allow you to still work within your current role, on your same pay rate, but learning and working towards gaining a qualification at the same time, with some dedicated time away from the office in order for you to concentrate solely on studying. There is a centralised framework agreement with registered apprenticeship training providers who work in effective partnership with organisations such as SWAST in providing access to a range of high quality training. Apprenticeships are a distance learning route to be completed within a dedicated timeframe so you very much need to put in the work to get the best results for you, by the time of your end point assessment.

There are a wide range of courses available, for all levels of staff. Click on the link below to open the Apprenticeship Course Links document which provides detail about all of the apprenticeship courses that are available to you within in your departmental role with the Trust. By choosing to study in your specialised area, you will be building on and widening your theoretical knowledge to help you develop within your current role and even open up potential opportunities for progression in the future. With all of the apprenticeship programmes, you will come out with a formal qualification which for some progression roles can be an essential requirement.

If you are interested in any of these programmes, what we need from you is an Expression of Interest Form (EOI) to state which course you would be looking to commence on. Click on the link below to complete and return the EOI form. Links to the courses available are in the Apprenticeship Course Links document. It is important to note that for any apprenticeship programme that you feel could be suitable for you, it needs to meet the centralised framework agreement which is the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Framework Agreement. The links to the courses in the Apprenticeship Course Links document meet this requirement.

As part of your EOI, you will need the full support and approval of your manager in order to be considered for this opportunity due to the commitment for study time away from the office as part of apprenticeship programmes.

We want to be able to offer this opportunity to as many staff as possible however if we are inundated with interest, there will have to be a selection process of applications. Please do provide as much detail as possible within your form that will give you the best chance of being afforded this opportunity.

We believe that this is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to benefit from personally and also for the Trust to see the apprenticeship scheme being utilised for staff effectively and ultimately with a positive outcome for everyone.

Your expressions of interest should be returned to and at this current time there is no closing date for these to be returned by.

Apprenticeship Course Links


Expression of Interest Form