NHS Leadership Academy’s Ethical Mentoring Programme

Are you an accredited NHS coach or mentor who could provide impactful mentoring to leaders grappling with challenging ethical dilemmas? 

 The NHS Leadership Academy is looking for mentors who are willing to guide NHS leaders facing ethical challenges in the workplace. The Ethical Mentoring programme aims to give leaders timely, relevant and impactful mentoring support during difficult times.

 Ethical dilemmas occur when someone is conflicted about the right choice to make, and when two or more values compete for priority. These values may be personal, organisational, societal or any mixture of the three. When you combine this with the expectation of NHS Leaders to tackle complex problems against a backdrop of a changeable and political system, making an ethical decision can be very challenging.

 For further information visit: https://www.leadershipacademy.nhs.uk/programmes/ethical-mentoring-programme/?source=chainmail