Developing through Volunteering

Many people volunteer to give something back to their local community or a cause they are passionate about which is not only a worthwhile thing to do, but can also be an opportunity to use your skills and experience to make a positive impact whilst also learning and developing yourself in a new environment.

By bringing your experience, skills, commitment and enthusiasm to a cause, you can make a huge difference – particularly in a charity where capacity and resources are limited.

What sort of things can you do?

The range of things you can do as a volunteer is huge – from guiding the strategic development of a charity to helping deliver frontline services. Volunteers across the charity sector have been involved in building websites, designing new marketing materials, mentoring young people, acting as treasurers, chairing boards, assisting or managing projects, or providing frontline help and support to vulnerable people, the elderly or disabled or even wildlife, conservation and animal charities. The list really is endless and there is an opportunity for everyone to find something that they are passionate about and can contribute to and learn from.

The Trust covers one of the most rural areas of the UK and we are committed to providing the population of the South West with the highest standard of out-of-hospital care. We are extremely grateful to the many Responders who volunteer to help members of their local community in their time of need. To find out more about our Community First Responders click here.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from the huge satisfaction gained from achieving goals for the charity and working for a cause which you support, you’ll benefit from the opportunity to embark on new challenges, learn new skills, meet new people, make new friends and apply your experience in a different environment.

Skilled volunteering in particular is great for career development, enabling you to build your portfolio or CV. Volunteering at a charity can also be very inspirational, as you’ll be working alongside very committed and dedicated people.

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