Help with an Event

Have you heard about an event that SWASFT is hosting? Do you want to get involved? Helping with an event can be a great way to gain some additional experience as well as demonstrating your enthusiasm and commitment.

If you find an event that you would be interested in, why not consider approaching the organiser of the event to ask more about it and find out how you could volunteer to help or attend as an observer.

Think about how you will approach the organiser – what questions will you need to ask? How much time do you have to commit? What do you want to gain from the experience?

All these questions are important to consider to ensure that the event organiser understands your request and how they can support this as well as ensuring that you get the most out of the experience and that this benefits your career development over the longer term.

Things to remember:

  • To explain clearly your reasons for your request and why you feel it will be of benefit to you.
  • To detail any specific area you are keen to learn about or skill you wish to develop.
  • To remember that the manager you are requesting this of is probably very busy so do not expect an immediate reply. However, if you haven’t heard back after a week do politely follow up your request.
  • To be respectful of everyone you meet at the event and show your appreciation for the time spent with them.
  • Do ask questions to maximise the benefit from your visit.
  • Do spend time afterwards reflecting on your time and identifying learning outcomes – you may want to share these with your manager at your next review or document them in your CPD portfolio.

If you are interested in helping with an event or finding out more please contact: