Shadow a meeting

We are aware that employees are keen to develop within our organisation and may wish to gain a greater understanding of how the Trust addresses issues at a more strategic level. Therefore, arrangements have been made for staff to have the opportunity to request whether they can attend any of the meetings listed below in an observer capacity to support their own personal development. Click each of the meeting titles to obtain further details about the remit of each of these meetings.

How to Request Attendance

Once you have identified the meeting you feel you would benefit from attending, it is proposed you make contact with the chair by writing (email is fine too). In this communication it is proposed you provide some information relating to your reasons for your request and what you would hope to learn as a result of your attendance.


Trust Board of Directors – Monthly
Chaired by Tony Fox, Trust Chairman, the Board provides the strategic direction and leadership to the Trust. The Board is made up of 13 members (seven non-executive and six executive members). As members individually and collectively, they promote the success of the Trust by directing and supervising its affairs to maximise the benefits for Members of the Trust as a whole, and for the public against a complex governance framework.
 Quality Committee – Monthly

Chaired by Vanessa James, Non-Executive Director, this was formerly known as the Quality and Governance Committee. The work of the committee is to develop and implement effective quality and governance assurance systems and processes. Its focus is on patients, quality and outcomes and the agenda is structured under the three pillars of quality – safe, effective and patient experience.

Finance and Investment Committee – Bimonthly
Chaired by Gail Bragg, Non-Executive Director, it is a committee made up of Executive and Non-Executive Members. This committee’s membership includes the Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive/Executive Director of Finance and the Executive Director of IM&T. The role of this committee is to scrutinise and provide assurance to the Trust Board of Directors on financial planning, financial reporting, cost improvements and investments.
Audit and Assurance Committee – Bimonthly
Chaired by Paul Love, Non-Executive Director, this Non-Executive only committee is attended by Executive Directors but they are not members. The committee role is to review and seek assurance on the effectiveness of processes in place for the management of arrangements for Governance, Risk Management, Clinical Assurance, Internal Control, and Financial Reporting; and to ensure the Trust and its Auditor remain compliant with Monitor’s Audit Code for NHS Foundation Trusts and conditions of license.
Council of Governors – Bimonthly
Chaired by Tony Fox, Trust Chairman, the Council of Governors holds the Board of Directors individually and collectively to account for the performance of the Trust Board, and ensure interests of members and public are represented. The Council is made up of 34 members (19 public, six staff and nine appointed Governors).
 Clinical Effectiveness – Monthly

The Trust is committed to delivering clinical excellence and in ensuring that our patients receive the best care possible. In order to review clinical practice and develop the services we provide, the Trust has a Clinical Effectiveness Group which oversees the delivery of clinical care.

Chaired by Dr Andy Smith, Executive Medical Director, this group is made up of the Senior Clinical Managers, Education Managers, research and audit team, right care team and other senior colleagues. A number of sub groups feed into this group and allow the Trust to focus on those specific topics and clinical subjects which require in-depth review. These groups include those currently looking at Mental Health, Research and Audit, Sepsis, Infection Prevention and Control amongst others.


Joint Air Ambulance Group – Quarterly
The Trust operates a number of Air Ambulances in collaboration with charitable partners. In order to ensure that this vital resource is maximised and that specific clinical developments relating to critical care are advanced, the Trust also has an Air Ambulance group. Chaired by Ken Wenman, Chief Executive/Jenny Winslade, Executive Director of Nursing and Governance, this group consists of Senior Clinical Managers, Operational CSOs and medical colleagues from the acute Trusts. This group will discuss the provision of critical care and any other aspects of air operations which require discussion and agreement.
Joint Negotiating and Consultative Committee (JNCC) – Quarterly

Chaired by Ken Wenman, Chief Executive, the JNCC provides an effective forum for discussion between the Trade Union and management representatives. The committee consists of Executive Directors, Deputy Directors, Heads of Department and Staff Side representation covering operational A&E staff from each county and non A&E staff groups. The meetings provide an opportunity to discuss a variety of issues by prior agreement of the Chair, including final approval of all policies reviewed by the Policy Review Alignment Group (PRAG).