Leadership Mentoring

The Trust has a leadership mentoring programme targeted initially at those in leadership positions at bands 8a and above. All staff at this level will be invited to express an interest in having a mentor and will be asked to provide some information to enable us to understand what the individual wishes to obtain from a mentoring arrangement.

We will then use this information to match mentees to mentors. Mentees will be guided through this process in full with the support of a dedicated mentee handbook and support from the People Analytics & Development Team.

Are you a Manager at 8a plus and haven’t received your invite to our mentoring programme?

Download the brochure and return your completed profile and we will be in touch.

Mentee handbook

Developing top leaders – A handbook for those being mentored.


Mentee profile

An online version of the mentee profile which is explained in the mentee handbook.


Mentoring Action Plan


Mentoring agreement

Agreement for mentors.


Mentor Profiles

Profiles of key Mentors.



Why don’t we offer mentoring to everyone?

We need to deliver a mentoring programme that is effective and achieves its aims.

However, we only have a limited number of mentors within the organisation, so we are starting with those who already hold a senior position themselves. As these people complete their mentorships (which is usually delivered over 6 – 12 months), we will have more capacity to roll mentoring out to more of our workforce.

Additionally we hope to develop more of our staff to become mentors themselves and will be considering this as a source of development for those in our Talent Pools to enable our highest performing staff to start supporting the development of others.

We will update these pages as our offering changes and we roll out mentoring to more groups of staff, and will contact staff direct should they qualify for a new programme of mentoring.