The Talent Pool

What exactly is the talent pool?

Where are the next leaders of the organisation coming from and how are we getting them ready for the next opportunity that may emerge?

The above question is a fundamental part of succession planning and integral to the focus on identifying and nurturing our talent. As a result we have developed The Talent Pool which in essence is a database of identified individuals who have highlighted an outstanding continuous committment to the Trust. Working alongside these colleagues the People Analytics & Development Team strive to support and advise in their development and preparation to fulfil their career aspirations which adds valuable succession for the organisation.

The Talent Pool has been designed to be open to any contracted member of staff who demonstrates the values and behaviours expected within our organisation, along with the drive, ability and impact in their day to day work.

Guide to Talent Management for Managers

When we are professional, compassionate and demonstrate integrity, we will deliver higher quality services to patients and ensure that our people develop the right skills and behaviours to provide the right care, in the right place and at the right time.


Flow Chart showing process for joining the Talent Pool