Frequently Asked Questions, “FAQ’s”

Q:   Does being in the Talent Pool mean automatic promotion?

A:   No, the Talent Pool does not give you automatic promotion, however your skills and knowledge may be developed through a variety of opportunties including opportunities such as mentoring, undertaking secondments, acting-up opportunities and supporting key projects.  Those in the talent pool will also be given opportunities to attend conferences, corporate events and courses relevant to their learning and development.

Q:   How do I apply for secondment offered to those in the Talent Pool?

A:   You will be asked to submit a 500 word Expression of Interest advising why you think you are suitable for the role.  This will then be submitted to the Manager advertising the role for  review.  If successfully reviewed you will then be offered an interview for the position.

Q:   Does being in the Talent Pool give support for further career choices?

A:   Being in the Talent Pool may help to develop your skills and knowledge through opportuntiies that could arise, however ultimately it is up to your to make your own career choices.

Q:   Will everybody in the Trust get into the Talent Pool at some stage?

A:  No, the Talent Pool is not for everyone.  Being in the Talent Pool means you are part of a group of colleagues who are making a difference to the business and who have consistently exceeded in your role which has been rated as such through your ‘Career Conversation’ or through your Self Nomination into the Talent Pool.

Please note this page is currently being revised and updated – further FAQ’s to follow or alternatively if you have a query please contact the People Analytics & Development Team at and we will endeavour to help.