The Self Nomination Process and How to Enter

The Self Nomination process has been set up to ensure transparency and openness for all colleagues who believe they can demonstrate they have drive, motivation, ability and impact working at a level in which you are deserving entry into the Talent Pool.  The conventional route into the Talent Pool is through recommendation by your Line Manager following an exceptional Career Conversation meeting.  On occasion however a colleague may not agree with the outcome of their Career Conversation and believe they are outstanding in more areas than has been recognised by their manager or in exceptional circumstances when a Career Conversation has not taken place. This is when the Self-Nomination process should be utilised.

The Talent Pool is not currently open for self nominations. Please see information below regarding self nominations for the next entry period in December 2019.

Should you decide to self-nominate you will be required to complete an application form which will include a declaration of why you think you should be in the Talent Pool.  This declaration will then be reviewed by one of our 3 Learning Development Managers (LDM) and a HR Business Manager (HRBM).  They will be looking for evidence demonstrated in the following areas:


  • Effectively manages ambiguity
  • Consistently exceeds expectations
  • Demonstrates cognitive abilities to solve problems creatively and uses sound judgement to make decisions
  • Calculates risks and manages them
  • Is receptive to diversity of though or challenge

Drive and Motivation:

  • Performs well under pressure
  • Identifies and engages with the future direction and organisational goals
  • Is open to continuous learning, innovation and new ideas
  • Focuses on quality to drive performance and accountability and achieve results


  • Is self-aware and considers impact of behaviour
  • Communicates and collaborates with influence
  • Promotes equality and value of diversity and encourages inclusive behaviours
  • Demonstrates personal credibility and integrity

You will not be expected to demonstrate explicitly in each of the above areas however this should help to give you an idea of how to formulate your declaration whilst also giving you ‘food for thought,’ as you may decide you are not quite ready to make the application.

You will also be asked to submit your most recent Career Conversation.  This should not be over 12 months old and only in exceptional circumstances will an application be considered with a Career Conversation that is out of date as it is your responsibility as well as your line manager to ensure this meeting takes place. You may also wish to submit any relevant supporting information that evidences how the areas outlined above.

Once the LDM and HRBM have reviewed your application, it will be forwarded to your Head of Department/Head of Operations for consideration, along with your HR Business Partner.  If all are then in agreement you will be entered into the Talent Pool and will be notified as such by email. 

If you are currently working in a Band 8+ role then your application will be reviewed by the Executive Directors.  You should also be considering evidence within your declaration as listed above and in addition the following:

Drive and Motivation:

  • Demonstrates energy and tenacity


  • Is a role model for the organisations culture and values and actively engages and leads change

Bands 1 -7

Talent Pool – Self Nomination Application Form – Bands 1-7.


Bands 8+

Talent Pool – Self Nomination Process – Bands 8+